Teaching Opportunities

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Fulbright Teacher Exchange fellows equip their students with 21st-century skills and bring an international perspective home to U.S. schools. Each year we send nearly 150 educators from across the United States to participate in programs abroad from two weeks to six months. 


National Geographic Educator Certification is a free professional development program that recognizes pre-K through 12 formal and informal educators committed to inspiring the next generation of explorers, conservationists, and changemakers. These educators are part of a powerful movement to make the world a better place by empowering students to be informed decision-makers 

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We connect with global educators dedicated to responding to a call to action within education to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

We point to open and accessible resources, lessons plans, and global projects directly aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. ​

We advance the work of the UN in relation to education through advocacy and outreach to inform K-12 and higher education stakeholders, defined as educators, students, parents, and community members. ​​

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Globaled Events is a non-profit dedicated to providing innovative face-to-face and virtual learning opportunities for students, educators, and organizations. Through Globaled Events, participants leverage technology to connect and collaborate across borders. We provide unique access to professional development opportunities, partnerships, teaching resources, and information about the services of leading global education organizations