Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms

Senegal 2020


This Global Education Guide was developed for teachers in Jackson County, Oklahoma and any other teacher in Oklahoma who would like to globalize their classroom. It is the culmination of my experience as a Fulbright Teacher for Global Classrooms grant recipient.

The Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms (Fulbright TGC) Program is a yearlong professional learning opportunity and short-term exchange for K-12 educators from the United States to develop skills to prepare students for a competitive global economy. Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms equips educators to bring an international perspective to their schools through targeted training, experience abroad, and global collaboration.

The guide includes the following sections: study, teach, travel, video, about me, blog.

The STUDY section will introduce you to the basics of global education, assessments and other resources available to teachers for learning about global education.

The TEACH section offers teacher international project based learning opportunities, as well as opportunities in the United States, Oklahoma and right here in Altus and Jackson County. There is also an example of my Globalized Unit Plan, Individual Globalized Lesson Plans and a sample of how to globalize teaching standards.

The TRAVEL section will contain a reflection on my guiding research questions:                                                        

What is the Children’s Literature: folktales, nursery rhymes, poems and songs that Senegalese

teachers use to teach life lessons to elementary students?  Who are the famous Senegalese authors of 

children's stories?

This section will also include a picture gallery from my travel experience in Senegal to include the people I meet, the places I travel to in the country, interesting landmarks and historical sites, my visit to the capital Dakar and the village in which I will be living and teaching for the duration of my field experience.

The ABOUT ME section just tells who I am and how I became a Fulbright Teacher for Global Classrooms.

The BLOG section will be my daily detailed written account of my experience leading up to my field experience and my daily activities as I live and teach in Senegal. I will continue to Blog about my teaching and life experiences here in Altus and on my ranch in Southwest Oklahoma, because a blog is a living document I will be able to share other interesting experiences in my teacher life.


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Disclaimer: This is not an official U.S. Department of State site. The views and information presented are the grantee’s own and do not represent the Teachers for Global Classrooms Program, IREX, or the U.S. Department of State.

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